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Losing your job can be devastating. These tips can help you deal with the stress of unemployment and regain your self-esteem.

To follow over the next few days, 5 sessions to assist you through the process.

Today’s Session 1:


It is important to mourn your loss. But give yourself a specific time frame, if the period is too long, it can make you miserable and cause depression

If possible, see someone professional to help you work through it.

Talk to the people nearest to you.

Make a specific time and date on when you will end your mourning.

Stand up

Make a specific time and date on when you will end your mourning and start your new life.

For example, say to yourself: when I wake up tomorrow morning at 07h00, which is Monday morning, my mourning period will be over and I will start to put together my new plans for my new life and future as from 08h00 this morning.

Make a firm decision to pull your life together.

Make a decision to not spend all your financial savings in this period.

New vision

Get a new vision for the years ahead – it is important to write it down.

Start with decision number one, for example you are going to live this day and the weeks to come, as if each day is a working day, behind the computer. Planning this new vision and new future.

Do the planning according to a timeline, for example, today I am going to pen down my vision and get my cv up to date.

Tuesday I will upload my cv to recruitment platforms, and I will visit the company website which fit into my career plan, and upload my cv there.

Wednesday I will update my personal profile on all platforms and I will start job searching on all electronic platforms.

Etc, etc.

Stick to your plan.

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Not to miss the next step, to follows on Friday 7 October 2022.



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