Geotechnical Engineering Specialist: Pretoria

Salary: Highly negotiable

Minimum Requirements:

  • Degree in Geology, Engineering Geology or Mining Engineering.
  • COM Strata Control Certificate.
  • A minimum of 4 years’ experience in and knowledge of the Geotechnical / Underground Mining field.
  • Software skills in CAD and database management (Intermediate).
  • Computer Literacy and Microsoft Office Suite.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Co-ordinate and implement designated Geotechnical programs taking cognisance of Geotechnical standards/objectives/targets and ensure compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Provide Geotechnical Engineering expertise and skills within area of responsibility.
  • Collect and interpret Geotechnical data in accordance with standards.
  • Engage internal and external stakeholders on Geotechnical Engineering related matters as required.
  • Participate in draw control meetings to ensure adherence to draw compliance.
  • Inclusion of penalties on substandard support prior to the circulation of support certificates for signature.
  • Monitor performance of new support elements undergoing trials and prepare reports.
  • Sampling of underground support units for testing at external laboratories.
  • Production level tunnel condition/stability/support and rock mass damage monitoring and mapping. Monitoring of brow wear in draw and loading points.
  • Provide test results and quality assurance of rock support in underground excavations.
  • Monitor and report on adherence to support standards.
  • Provide quality control and assurance of geotechnical core logging.
  • Maintain Geotechnical records, databases and statistics in the designated area, advising line managers of any deviations and anomalies.
  • Installation, of specialised geotechnical instrumentation, reading, collation of data, analysis and interpretation of monitoring data.
  • Prepare Geotechnical Inspection Reports and Instruction Notes.
  • Prepare technical reports on performance of new support elements.
  • Geotechnical Report writing aligned with standards, guidelines and schedules.
  • Maintenance and calibration of geotechnical equipment.
  • Coordinate required assistance from other mining department as per site preparation note for the installation of specific monitoring system
  • Provide input into the departmental budget. Responsible for the generation of cost saving ideas.
  • Model behaviour that is consistent with the Company Safety, Health and Environment Vision and Values. Manage and report on non-compliance issues.
  • Take cognisance of and adhere to Company policies, procedures and relevant legislation. Manage and report on non-compliance issues.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships and an effective / sound communication system within the operation.
  • Train and mentor junior staff.
  • Supervise subordinates in the designated area.
  • Effective Team Player and Effective Self-Management.

Technical Competencies:

  • Undertake geotechnical mapping.
  • Write technical reports to the required quality.
  • Undertake geotechnical core logging.
  • Analyse monitoring data trends and provide feedback.
  • Knowledge of available numerical modelling packages and their functions.
  • Draft support recommendations.


  • Geotechnical specific modelling software (i.e. Itasca and RocScience).
  • Professional Association affiliation (e.g. SANIRE).
  • Leadership Development Programme (LDP) or equivalent qualification.
  • 3D Geological and Block Modelling experience.
  • 2 Papers completed for Chamber of Mines Certificate in Rock Mechanics – please attach proof of completion

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