Do you need staff?

We offer recruitment services in the placement of temporary, contract and permanent staff across a range of industries.
Exclusive service agreements: This type of agreement offer a range of benefits to a client.
Not only is the employer brand better presented across all initiatives, but candidate experience of the client’s brand is consistent.
Working with a single supplier, with a single contact point is time efficient and guarantees consistent quality, especially when compared to working with numerous suppliers.
The exclusive service route is an absolute necessity in an active growth environment.

Ad hoc service agreements: We often assist companies on an ad-hoc basis, when HR managers need to widen the search to fill a specific position and traditional efforts are not attracting the right talent. This is especially true for highly technical positions where the majority of candidates are not actively looking for a new opportunity.

In any organization history is important, while the ability to adapt ensures survival.
Choosing the right people ensures prosperity.

We are proud of our association with various industry leaders in South Africa.
FS Personnel is actively expanding beyond South Africa and proud to be earning wider recognition.
We look forward to partnering with you on the journey.



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